“I am not flexible enough.”

“I’m not flexible enough” was the excuse I used to my mom every day when she would try to get me to go to yoga with her in middle school and at the beginning of high school. I was resistant against yoga and thought it was for snobby people who were limber, skinny, and of course flexible.

I decided to start going to Corepower yoga during my senior year of high school because they had this Sculpt class that was more of a workout with weights than any yoga. I got addicted to this class and started to expand the classes I was taking at that studio. As I continued to practice, almost every day, I began to build confidence in my yoga practice, but also in myself. As cheesy as that sounds, I found something I was kind of good at. I was good at it because it was the first thing that challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally, and I didn’t run away. I embraced this journey that yoga took me on.

As the change was taking place on my yoga mat, I began to see a change OFF my mat and outside the studio. I had a better sense of self. I felt more confident in who I was created to be, and I truly made deeper and more meaningful relationships with the ones around me.

Feeling the need to take my practice deeper after 4 years, I completed the 200hr YTT. I became a yoga teacher, overcame so many fears of teaching in front of people, not feeling like I was good enough, and I was proud of what I had accomplished. Through the summer of doing my YTT, I felt a shift in finally feeling like I might have a niche. I never had a prominent skill. I never was better at anything more than another person. I was a pretty well-rounded individual that worked hard and always tried my best. But when I went through teacher training, I felt like this was something I was called to do and I have never felt better in who I am and what I am meant to do.

The phrase, “I am not flexible enough” is said far too often and I realized that it is a phrase that I was saying in many different ways. It is a phrase that says, I can’t or I am not good enough. It is a phrase that I used as a cop out to challenge myself. Far too often people take this easy way out by mentally telling themselves that they cannot do it.

The student in me does not go away though now that I am a teacher. I have never been more eager to learn about yoga and expand into topics such as nutrition and holistic health. I am excited to see what the future hold for me and I am thankful for finding yoga as a way of guidance through it all.